The sadness, depression turned to hope when I started to learn how to learn. The biggest thing I noticed is I have more self-esteem. When I started spelling correctly, I did not feel stupid. And, I did not have to stop to think about how to spell a word right. Now I say, “I can do that.” You spend so much energy trying not to appear dumber than others. Now, it is beyond hope!
– Grant Watkins

It is hard enough to raise healthy well rounded children; but if yours has a learning disability it makes it just that much harder. We struggled from first grade through third grade with several talented educational specialists. With still no advancement in grades and most of all my daughters self image. Jane Conlin’s specific program transformed my daughter’s ability to read, write, spell and smile! She could finally read; it naturally had a positive effect on all her subjects. It was a long journey but my Katie is now a self confident ninth grader pursuing her dream as a writer and illustrator with honors at CDH.
– Margaret Coleman, St. Paul

Before I went to Learn to Learn I was struggling with my dyslexia. I couldn’t read and write or do math but when I met Jane she was like a blessing from God. Now I’m a ninth grader and I can read at a tenth grade reading level, and I’ve made the honor roll. People used to think I didn’t try or I couldn’t succeed, and I feel like Jane and I proved them wrong.
– Katie Abdo, Highland Park

At the beginning of second grade my son complained about school being too hard. He hated writing and felt like every subject was a writing class. We sought addvice from Jane at Learn to Learn and through testing she discovered he is dyslexic. Our son was so relieved to learn that there was a cause for his struggles. He actually enjoys going to tutoring…he can tell how it is helping him to become a better reader and writer. After just six months of tutoring our son has jumped nearly 2 grades in reading and feels confident in his abilities again. Learn to Learn is giving our son the tools he’ll need to be successful in school and life!
– LeeAnn Gunderson, St. Paul

Thank you so much for all that you have done to help Megan!!! The progress she has made is so amazing and I am so thankful for you!!!
Paulette and Greg

Jane, thank you for helping me to learn.